Helping you with your Agile Journey

Helping you with your Agile Journey


I attended Manoj’s Certified Scrum Master training for two days – He was very knowledgable and the class was very engaging with hands on learning. We enjoyed his sense of humor and I got certified on the weekend following his class. This shows I did not need extra preperation other than the class and recommended reading.

Jayashree Ramani

Manoj is a seasoned Agile coach and consultant. I was a participant in his CSM course and was impressed with his depth of knowledge on all aspects of Agile, not just Scrum. Manoj is an experienced facilitator and understands how to communicate concepts effectively and manage course exercises to deliver maximum working knowledge of Agile methods. Always pleasant and upbeat, he kept the course interesting and moving along at the right pace.

Jack Ferraro

Manoj is the best. Our CSM training was an amazingly open, positive energy filled and informative environment. I truly enjoyed it, and am now moving forward with much better understanding of Agile and Scrum principles.

Owen Bergwall

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Manoj Vadakkan

Agile Consultant, Certified Scrum Trainer